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    Welcome to the Netschools website. We provide a complete solution for schools wanting to get on to the net, from easily maintained websites to full virtual learning environment (VLE) implementations. All of our systems are designed for ease of use - for teachers, administrators, parents and children. We can provide you with advice about the best solution for your school, and how best to integrate with your existing ICT infrastructure.

    • One click web publishing. If you need to edit any content on you site, you can do so easily using an online form. When you're happy with what you've written, hit publish and the site is updated.
    • Targeted content. Using our secure VLE system, you can write content for specific audiences - anything from year two parents to a particular year 6 class, and more. Furthermore, it's possible to specify which teachers and administrators can publish content for which departments, years and classes. All using the same simple one click publishing system used to publish to your website.
    • Pupil responses. Children can respond online to homework and school projects, with help from their parents if they are young (see Access for parents, below).
    • Pupil reports. An online pupil report module is available, to enable teachers to produce reports for all the pupils they are responsible for quickly and easily.
    • Access for parents. Use a simple form to provide parental access to your secure VLE system. Once registered, parents can view all the material targeted at their child (or children), including their school reports.
    • Online calendar. An easy to use online calendar that integrates with Google Calendar to provide you with a comprehensive calendar management tool for displaying all of your school's upcoming events and activities.
    • Secure. Our systems are fully secure and comply with all Data Protection Act requirements.

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    • Consultancy: We can visit your school to talk to you about your specific ICT requirements.
    • Design: We can design a website for you.
    • VLE: We can provide a full virtual learning environment for your school.
    • Online management: All of our websites and VLEs come with easy to use online tools.
    • Support: We can offer telephone and online support across all areas of ICT.